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Top 5 Support Questions

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  •  Why I am asked to download Microsoft WinOS Updates after a repair?

    This question is most frequently asked by customers with WinOS Vista. Restoro finalizes your repair by building a fresh operating system in good physical shape. However, this repaired OS may not necessarily be up to date with Microsoft's latest updates. That's why after reboot you will frequently be asked to download updates. It is OK to reject these updates, but it is always recommended to install them.

  •  Can Restoro repair my computer without taking some Microsoft WinOS Updates off?

    The Restoro for WinOS process compares your damaged operating system to a healthy working sample we have in our repository. All the spare parts to fix the damaged system are taken from that healthy sample. If the damaged system has some more updates than our reference healthy system, then it's not possible to do the repair without removing those extra updates. Just after the repair process is finished, WinOS update will automatically update your operating system with the most recent updates.

  •  WinOS Live Essentials has stopped responding. Why?

    Restoro will reinstall or try to repair it. If this doesn't work, contact Restoro support and we will perform this task for you by remote session.

  •  I'm sure there is a Trojan horse virus on my computer. Restoro did not detect nor remove it, why?

    Some Trojans, particularly those that pose as antivirus software aren't removed by Restoro because some are too new to be detected by our virus engine(s). As certain virus developers find loopholes in system security and use them to their advantage, the AV software or repair software like Restoro, needs to know the patterns before it can find them.

    But you shouldn't worry, as one of our technicians will have a solution ready for you - should the issue persist.

  •  WinOS system restore has been turned off or deleted. What can I do about this?

    Please contact Restoro customer support about this issue. We will fix it for you by remote session.